Lavie 4D – One Bag Four Ways

Who doesn’t like multipurpose items in their closet?! The cardinal rule I follow before picking up a new item of clothing or shoes is asking myself a simple question – Do I see myself wearing this at least thrice, styled differently every time? If the answer is yes, you know the item is going to be worth the money and if the answer is no, you know the product will soon be lost in the depths of your cupboard. This technique usually helps me spend wisely when I’m out and about shopping. While that is as far as clothes and shoes are concerned, with bags it’s usually the buy-one-and-match-it-as-it-is-with-all-your-outfits mantra. I mean, you can’t repurpose and reinvent one single bag to suit your outfit every time. Right? Wrong.
Four bags rolled into one – that’s exactly what Lavie 4D is all about. A pop colored tote that’s perfect for the usual denim-shirt combo this summer, reversed in minutes, for a sleek gold tote to match your work wear, a built in tablet sleeve for your iPad and finally a handy sling for a no-nonsense day out with friends! I was ecstatic to see this bag by Lavie meeting all my requirements while keeping it super stylish. Whether you do the work-party routine or simply like to keep your collection of handbags minimal, this bag makes for the perfect buy with its high utility and great quality. Also, did you realise how this bag with four designs packed in one can be your best bet as a travel companion?! Definitely time to bid goodbye to to lugging along numerous bag options for holidays.
Besides this gold & pink combo, the bag is also available in a monochrome tribal print option! Go get yourself one and add a multipurpose bag to your addition right now.
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