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Pant and Sheer Top – Vero Moda
Golden Metallic Clutch – Pieces
Shoes – Aldo (last worn here)
Photography – Sahil Shah
Exercise for me has always been an ugly word bringing to mind many horrors. Ever since I was in school I left no stone unturned to escape this wrath (P.T and Mass Drill days. You remember?). Besides, I’ve never been the one to give a tiny bit of thought about what I eat either. This usually means nutella-stuffed-anything-and-everything for breakfast, french fries for lunch and ice-cream for dinner with not an ounce of guilt. Take that all you naysayers who go by ‘Fashion girls don’t eat’!

However despite this severely unhealthy lifestyle for all these years, I kept wanting to be fit enough to wear anything without having to resort to a ‘layer and layer some more’ technique. A fit body was on my last year’s new year resolution list (show me one list that isn’t made of this!) but then (like most) I didn’t do a thing about it. So when I found myself adding this again to my current year’s resolutions, I decided that instead of finding ways and means of avoiding working out while always turning to easy sartorial fixes that camouflage my flaws and silently sighing over every picture on Pinterest featuring the body I aspire to have it is time I take up the challenge head-on.

I signed up at the gym a fortnight ago and can tell you that I’ve never been this determined before. While I never intended to make any changes in my diet earlier (because you know…yolo), working out for what seems like severely-painful-many-minutes-that-are-longer-than-an-eternity to find out that the calories burned are only equivalent to a bar of chocolate that I generally wipe clean in a matter of few minutes, have I begun to be a little more prudent about my food choices in the last few days. I have a few short term and long term targets set and while it’s definitely not easy for a junk food lover like me to say no, I am trying. And I hope I have a success story to share a year down from now.

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