Who Are You Wearing?

Shorts – Splash (Dubai)
Top – Hill Road
Ring – Pretamoda
Sling – Max
Watch – Asos
Shoes – Bangkok

Photography – Nikhil Nair
I have never understood one’s fascination obsession with luxury or designer brands and how owning a certain piece becomes equivalent to style. While I am not intending that owning that monogrammed bag is in anyway wrong or that saving every penny to add a specific designer’s piece to your closet is incorrect, what eludes me is the perception that the acquisition of these names makes one fashion forward. Every luxury brand comes with its own history and every designer label speaks for the handiwork and vision of an artist but to be conned into believing that in order to make the cut you need to be able to boast of the label du jour is where the problem (in my opinion) begins. And being a fashion girl, the expectations only complicate things a little more.”Who are you wearing?” is a common question at any fashion week and in retort one is usually expected to blurt out a slew of designer names. (Let’s just say I have let down a handful with my responses!)

I have always been big on mixing things up and street shopping and raiding thrift stores has been my #secretfashion guilty pleasure for as long as I can remember. During college days because of strict budget issues and now when I have no budget restrains simply because I have grown to like it this way. I would be lying if I said I own no ‘big labels’ or dislike the idea of designer wear, however I am of the opinion that one can make it to the best dressed lists and make a strong fashion statement without having to spend big bucks. Well, if you still wish to and if that’s what works for you – that’s awesome. But to fall in the trap of thinking yourself to be more/less fashionable than the other on the mere merit of a brand is living in a delusion. It’s your personal style that ought to shine through with the way you decide to dress and that might well be with a mix of street buys, vintage finds, thrifted steals, high-street purchases or luxury indulgences. Because it’s never about owning clothes but about owning the look.

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  1. Nikita at 5:28 pm

    I would be lying if I say, I do not save to buy that designer dress i have been eyeing on since ages. But my daily and personal style includes a lot of thrifted items. Been staying in Sikkim (Gangtok) we have grown up wearing those beautiful clothes found locally. And I think I am just more comfortable (pocket & choice wise) to dress myself in them.

  2. Shivani Singh Atoliya at 2:20 pm

    I like every bit of your writing since I agree and can relate to every part it. Even when I started earning, nothing could beat my penchant for finding good deals; brands or no-brand, a good deal is all that mattered. Something that enunciated fashion in every respect and mostly my personal style in small budget, yet looking good (also quality wise)! And the very analogy of ” only brands are synonymous with fashion” will be a foolish perspective if you dont know a word about style.
    PS: beautiful pics above :)

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