Audi Autumn Collection


T’was an evening marked by sparkling wine and an unmissable chutzpah. 5 new cars. 15 new trends. 1 sporty collection – the Audi Autumn Collection promised the unveiling of the latest range of Audi cars in the most fashionable way one could possibly imagine. An energetic performance by the famed Shaair and Func set the tone for the night and had everyone grooving to their tunes.

However as a fashion enthusiast what I was particularly looking forward to was the cross-collaboration between Audi and designer Varun Bahl. Now I’ve always been pro cross-collaborations. It’s always exciting to witness how one creative medium influences and inspires the other and how as an artist you seamlessly blend the two to create an inimitable piece of final product. And boy, this anticipation was totally worth the wait!

As the lights flood the ramp, a stunning Audi from the latest Audi Autumn Collection rolled down in front of the audience in all its awe inspiring marvel. But before one could stop gawking at the brilliance that the crafted-to-perfection beauty stationed afore our eyes was, models began to sashay down the ramp dressed in a collection inspired by Audi’s Sporty range, especially designed for the occasion by Varun Bahl.

Little did we know that this was only the beginning. The magic slowly unfolded as the latest Audi cars from the Sporty, Progressive and Sophisticated range made their way to the ramp and were unveiled for the very first time to the invited guests. Models dressed in creations perfectly complementing the cars made for a rather stylish sight and if this was not all, when the models took the ramp for their final walk, the designer himself arrived in Audi RS 7. Approved!

Amidst the applauds, when the air was still ripe with speculations about who the showstopper for the night would be, the Audi R8 V10 was unveiled with its fiercely sporty and severely stylish design. With Katrina Kaif and Joe King – Head, Audi India next to this showstopper, the shutterbugs had every reason to go cray.

Now there’s little need to mention how Audi has built itself a reputation of being one of the best in the automobile sector for reasons more than one. But it was the well planned and thoughtfully executed unveiling that left an impact on the ones present at the event. From the Audi A3 sedan to the sporty overhaul of Audi A4, Audi A6 and Audi Q7 to the final showstopper Audi R8 – every new car had its rightly deserved share of glory on ramp before taking on the dusty roads.


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