I go back to books with bookmarks still pressed in between their pages, to sift through the underlined words, dogeared. I scrape dried paint off old paint bottles. They date back to the 90’s. I pin photographs and quotes across my room but they soon become one with cement and mortar. I draw open the curtains to let light in and the play of dancing shadows holds me in rapture, fleetingly. I sometimes just curl in my bed. Therapeutic if not stimulating.

I stroll through narrow roads and unknown alleys. A stranger to the strangers around. I hold the fallen flower between my thumb and index finger and make a mental eulogy. I stare at the flickering street lamp and wonder if that’s another battle waiting to be lost. I want to imagine what his life must be like. That man across my table. I sometimes just let go. The burden of memorabilia far outweighs the expanse of thoughts.

I watch the sun set to wash the ocean gold. No trace of monotony and no hint of weariness. Always magic and just that. Unadulterated.

Seeking inspiration. It’s a little more difficult that it sounds and often a lot simpler than it actually is.








Shirt – UMM

Ripped Denims – American Eagle

Leather Satchel – Viari

Shoes – Aldo

This post title and the short writeup above has a backstory. This post has been lying in my drafts for more than a month now and this beautiful leather satchel has been in my possession for much longer. However the only reason that I didn’t get around to posting it a lot earlier was a mere lack of inspiration. And no matter how hard I try, I can never get to hitting the publish button until I think I have meted out justice to the accompanying pictures or the product (here, this satchel) in question.

Now if you are a frequent shopper at Bandra, you must have seen the recently opened Viari store at Linking Road. A quick scan of their website will tell you why you ought to drop a visit to their store (in case you haven’t already!). From the most tasteful collection of totes in a variety of delicious colors to work aides that mean business, backpacks for your travel exploits to laptop bags for your trusty machines as also clutches and phone covers – Viari houses a delectable collection of bags and accessories that are hard not to fall in love with. For me this tan leather satchel was love at first sight. Love that is rekindled every time I take it out for a spin! What’s great is that Viari boasts of an equally great collection of bags and accessories for men and if you have ever stepped out to shop for the men in your life, you will know how hard it is to come by a good selection of bags for men. If you must ask what seals the Viari deal for me, it has easily got to be their fabulous quality that you can look and feel for yourself the minute you hold a bag in your hand. Value for every buck spent. So go stalk them on their website or visit the store to see the crafted pieces with supreme attention to detail. It will work for you.

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