Let Us Weave Together a Dream


Let us walk through these woolly clouds and blaze through the azure skies to crochet together a dream.
Let us tiptoe on grainy sheets of sand and run our fingers through milky ripples of foam.
Let us soak in the sunny strands of silk and entwine our skins until it breathes in the brown.
Let us clad our bodies with but billowing winds and star gaze while keeping a count.
Let us make love while the moon waxes the greys and kiss recklessly with abandon none.
Let us write poetry on each others back and lick clean those open wounds.
Let us forget that we did belong and break those temporal shackles and bonds.
Let us? Let’s.








Maxi Dress – Veromoda

Photography – Monisha Ajgaonkar

The words above summarize just what I’m feeling right about now. My life is nothing more than a constant trance or a dream like state of awakening and I’d have it no other way. Starting a super work packed week on this note.

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