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Two days and two very different looks! I’m often asked to describe my style in one word and I always find myself struggling to answer this. Unlike the many others who have a certain go-to style that is highly reflective of their personality I cannot get myself to dress in a similar fashion day after day. Truth be told, I love being different people on different days. How I choose to dress on a particular day is in tandem with how I feel at that moment and being a true Gemini, boy I do have multiple facets to my personality! This blog post, shot on two different days and featuring two very different styles and moods, I thought aptly captures this particular trait of mine.

I’ve lately been obsessed with the sporty chic trend and anyone who knows me well knows how this is highly unlike the usual me. I got out my super cute Maha Selfie tee and whilst I thought of going the skinny denims way earlier, I ditched the pants for a tiny skirt. I knew I had to spend a large part of my day sourcing for a styling assignment and the aztec print kicks were hence an obvious choice. While the bright orange tote was perfect to add that pop of color, the diy cap that I’d been waiting to wear since forever now finally made a debut.

The very next day, I woke up to the free spirited bohemian in me. I am a hippy in my head and I absolutely love dressing up to that state of mind. These Chimp posh pants are thus pure love. I dig everything about it – from its bright color to the uber comfort that it offers. And the fact that they are so versatile is a major win for someone like me who loves to mix and match. A teeny crop top, a waistcoat and lots and lots of statement jewelery – arm cuffs, rings and huge earrings (just the way I like it!) perfectly captured my mood that day.

Now whether you like me dress up to different moods on different occasions or play it cool with your statement style, Chimp with its wide range of quirky tees with the most fun prints and designs makes dressing up a lot more fun. Besides their trademark tees for men, women and kids, Chimp also has a whole lot of other cool stuff like bags, notebooks, phone covers, key chains, etc! So the next time you cross by a Chimp store, do drop by to check their stuff or just stalk them on their website to find something you love.

Tee and bag – Chimp, Skirt and Shoes – Forever 21, Cap – DIY, Bracelet – Blur

Posh Pants – Chimp, Crop top – Forever 21, Waistcoat – So Fake, Arm candy – Assorted, Earrings – Goa, Rings – Forever 21, Sling – Thrifted

Photography – Anish Nair

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