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(Black Jumpsuit | Burgundy Pumps | Gemstones Necklace | Leopard Print Clutch | Midi Rings | Gold Metal Hair Tie )

I recently got my room renovated and one of the biggest changes has easily got to be the addition of a spanking brand new wardrobe! As my previous wardrobe was a lot smaller, it had become a routine to find myself struggling to accommodate the clothes, organise my ever increasing stash of jewellery or to neatly categorise my horde of makeup. I had then been quick to announce that I clearly had a tad bit too much of everything and definitely didn’t need to shop for a very long time. But as the parents rightly predicted, the bigger wardrobe came with a lot of free space and the highly luring prospect of shopping some more!

As The Great Online Shopping Festival kick starts tomorrow, I couldn’t help but put together #MyFabWishlist of all the things I’d been eying at FabAlley for a while now. From the black jumpsuit with lace sleeves to the glossy burgundy pumps – everything has been added to my shopping cart already and once the mega sale kickstarts tomorrow, I am certain of adding many more items to my shopping bag because a sale this massive has got to mean some guilt free shopping! So if you’re still to shop for your Christmas or New Year’s Eve outfit, it might be a good idea to make your own #MyFabWishlist and shop for those pieces in the next three days.

Happy shopping!

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