Style Saturday

As a fashion blogger and stylist, I get several mails from readers asking for style tips, fashion advice and queries on the what, where and how of playing dress up. So when I was asked to host the first edition of Marks and Spencer Style Saturday as the official stylist for the day at their Bandra outlet, I was quite excited at the prospect of having a platform to meet and style the customers whilst addressing their fashion queries in person.

Decked with Christmas baubles, the day saw a heady footfall of women wanting to find the perfect outfit for the festive season ahead. From helping girls choose from a wide variety of dresses for New Year’s Eve to putting together a travel friendly wardrobe complete with knits and trench coats for a month long of travel – it was a highly satisfying and exhilarating experience. The fact that the store currently boasts of a great collection full of sequins, florals, denims, and comfy oversized knits – the styling affair was only more delightful. If you ask me the best part about my experience as the stylist at Style Saturday, it’d definitely be getting women to step out of their comfort zone to take a few sartorial risks! At the end of that long day, I only found myself grateful for sticking through all times to live life at my own terms and continuing to pursue things that I truly love.

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