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First post of 2015 and it had got to be something as special and big as this!

It’s happening! After considering and reconsidering it for several years and working over the content for the last few months, I am so excited and thrilled to share that I’ve finally launched my own YOUTUBE CHANNEL!! As many of you who follow me on Instagram and Twitter might have already seen, the first promo video went up on the channel a couple of days ago and I couldn’t have possibly asked for a better start. There’s a whole lot of fashion and hair that I’ve planned for the months ahead with new videos coming up every Wednesday! As I take on this new challenge, I am prepared to give it my best and would love for you to spare a few minutes to watch the videos and hit the subscribe button here. I will soon be adding a YouTube tab to the blog too so that you can watch and have access to all the videos under one space.

As far as the outfit posts are concerned, brace yourselves for double the action this year! There will be a steady documentation of my personal style with new posts going up on the blog more frequently than ever before and I will consciously strive to file new stories under categories other than fashion. I’ve committed myself to StreakHueFall this year and while I aim to take the blog to new heights and do a lot more on YouTube now that I have access to as a platform, I am already exploring and working on other BIG ideas and plans for StreakHueFall that will catapult #streakhuefall to a different level all together. There’s so much yet to work on but I truly cannot wait to reveal it all to you soon!

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