Of A Reckless Heart

kavya dsouza, fashion blogger, stylist, mumbai, india

She gaped at the clock from the corner of her eye and the rhythmic rate at which she typed in words onto the keyboard became inversely proportional to the time now left to the set deadline. She had mastered the art of juggling multiple thoughts and functioning in two different parallels at any given point of the day. She had learned, unlearned and then learned again the difference between yearning and passion.

She would crave salt on her skin and waves at her feet and would try and count flowers lined across a street as the car drove by at speed. She could spend hours observing people and had her way with silences. She wasn’t afraid to love but knew she could never truly belong. She was sometimes convinced she was living a life for two different people. Both equally familiar and then painfully alien.

She looked at birds with the unfailing curiosity of a child, left alone for the first time, every single day. They could take flight, soar heights and migrate across continents as the seasons changed. They however could still come back to a place they that day called ‘home’. She was guilty of a reckless heart and prisoner of a cautious mind. The demons within bred like parasites. They termed it symbiotic.


summer, style, dress. denim shirt

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bohemian fashion, style, hippie fashion, dress

fashion blogger, kavya dsouza, mumbai, india


Dress – Thrifted

Denim Shirt – Only

Booties – H&M

Headband – Forever 21

Photography – Anish Nair

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