New Tidings







These images were shot exactly a year ago. I have no idea why they never made it to the blog, but with Easter eve tonight I knew there could possibly never be a better time than now to post them on the blog, as they were shot against the serene backdrop of a church on one beautiful April morning. Looking back at the year gone by, I cannot help but realize how much has changed and yet how much remains the same. The year gone by has impacted me personally in more ways than I could imagine and all the hurdles have helped me emerge a lot more stronger and shaped me to handle the toughest of situations. On the professional front, I cannot help but reflect how the aspirations remain the same. There are bigger goals, fewer doubts, lesser uncertainties and a lot more clarity. Easter is symbolic of new beginnings and I am gutted to make this year satisfying and an enriching one, not only on the professional bit but even the personal front. Wish you all a very happy Easter. May this year mean new beginnings for every dream waiting to be fulfilled!

Maxi Dress – VeroModa

Earrings – Pieces

Photography – Sahil Shah


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