Summer Whites








If you’ve been following me on the blog for long enough, you will know how I am big on colors, prints and often mix and clash the two together at the same time. I love all things bold and often style my complete outfit around that one statement piece. However, I’ve recently found myself leaning towards whites. Maybe it’s the soaring temperatures, the endless pinterest all white inspiration boards or just a passing phase (I have plenty of those when it comes to fashion, trust me!). The result? I now have a considerable number of white shirts in my wardrobe, this classic white satchel from StalkBuyLove that seems to complement almost every outfit I put together and I also managed to snag these beautiful white wedges that get compliments my way every time I take them out for a spin! For a recent white convert, that’s not a bad start.

Also, there’s been a lull on the blog all through the last month as I’ve been preoccupied with some projects (that I cannot wait to share with y’all) but the good news is that this month will witness an action packed lineup on the blog with back to back outfit posts and collaborations! So brace yourselves.

Shirt – Old shirt I DIYed

Shorts – Thrifted

Watch – Fossil

Bag – StalkBuyLove

Wedges – Forever 21

Photography – Aakash Shah

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