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From working on back to back shoots for StreakHueFall, editing the images, planning and putting together the content, replying to mails, juggling styling assignments and dedicating enough time to #SHFsalon – the last one month and half has been nothing short of crazy. The good kind of crazy. I’ve had very little time to myself in all these days and the idea of a holiday or even a few days spent simply doing nothing seem like a distant dream. However I have not one reason to complain and I cannot stop thinking about how these days, I know, will make for what I will remember as the best times of my 20s. It’s easy to get lost in midst of this whirlwind called life. But I’ve realised how in the end only what will matter will be all you did for the sake of love. And I feel so incredibly lucky to be able to wake up every morning looking forward to a long day of work that I actually love doing.

Now moving on to the outfit, these images were shot on one very rainy evening (well, I had almost given up hopes of shooting this look!) in a matter of five minutes but the sparkly golden pair of Intoto had me feeling like a princess all day long. The guys at Intoto have a wide range of footwear choices ranging from casual wear to day wear and formal wear to evening wear. The adorable packaging and great quality of shoes is what will have me going back to the site to snag a few more Intotos in the months.

Slip Dress – Forever 21

Jacket – Adolfo Dominguez

Shoes – Intoto

Earrings – Amaara Jewellery

Photography – Anish Nair

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