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Gold jewellery in India is not simply looked at as a means of adornment or accessory but is deeply entrenched as a part of our culture and heritage. All through my growing years I saw my mom turn to her treasured jewellery handed down by my grandmom for every special occasion in her life and celebrate some of the most important events in her life with the addition of new jewellery. For me thus, her jewellery stands as constant reminder of some of the most significant times in our lives. These jewellery pieces that she will hand me over when I someday walk down the aisle I know will hold a strong emotional connect; a mnemonic for the stories shared and the love that remains.

As a member of the POPxo Blog Network, I got a chance to collaborate with Tanishq for their second edition of jewellery signed by Farah Khan. The Farah Khan x Tanishq collection that brings together the two big forces in Indian jewellery scenario today for an exclusively designed collection is bound to inspire such similar sentiments in you. With Persian and Mughal aesthetics albeit with a contemporary twist, all the pieces have diamonds paired with precious stones like ruby, pearl, topaz, etc set in 18kt gold. As I went through the shoot, trying one piece after another, I couldn’t help but realise how all of these pieces would resonate with the heirloom quality that I’ve come to appreciate in jewellery thanks to my mom. The best part is how these pieces can transcend from cocktail parties to weddings to heirloom with so much ease. What is also hard to miss is the attention to detail in all the designs. And if you’re setting an appointment at the store to view the collection, let me warn you that with the wide variety of beautiful pieces, you are bound to be spoilt for choice. Though it’s hard to pick, my absolute favourites were the magnificent peacock earrings and the diamond chandeliers.

You can also view the collection here and find the nearest Tanishq store here.

Dress – EZRA

Jewellery – Farah Khan x Tanishq

Photography – Nikita Mhatre

Editing – The Photo Diary

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