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This month saw the launch of Tresmode’s new a/w collection and I was lucky enough to get a preview of all the new designs at their store. But what made this launch a lot more exciting was Tresmode’s partnership with India Beach Fashion Week (IBFW) happening at Goa starting today.  To mark the launch of the new collection, Tresmode tied up with acclaimed fashion designer James Ferreira who had models dressed up in his creations, paired with that perfect Tresmode shoe. This was then followed by a fabulous event ‘Byzantine’ which was an art-meets-fashion event with fabulous installations involving some rather stunning James Ferreira garments, art work and the highlight – Tresmode shoes. The event was only a precursor of all the fabulous things to be expected from IBFW!

Moving into the outfit, I had my heart set on this stunning suede camel hue knee length boots from Tresmode from the moment I first saw it and styling this look around the same was a completely no brainer. Anyone who knows me well, knows how I’m pretty much a nomad in my head. I tried to capture the same mood with this look. A nomad waltzing through the streets of alien beautiful countries with little care and abandon. What I love the most about these boots is just how comfortable they are. Make sure you try this on when you drop by at your nearest Tresmode store to check their new a/w collection. Also, follow all the updates from Tresmode from IBFW on their Twitter and Instagram page. You can also follow them on Facebook.

Dress – Thrifted 

Shoes – Tresmode 

Sunglasses – Vintage

Photography – Nikita Mhatre 

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