I’ve been a Chumbak fan for as long as I can remember and have always loved their highly individualistic approach towards design right from the start. So imagine my excitement when I was one of the first few to find out about Chumbak launching their very own range of apparel (finally!) and then being one of the few shortlisted bloggers to be closely working with the brand for their very first apparel line titled ‘Collection One‘. And my very first visit to their store had me in awe. I digress, but the Chumbak store is one of the happiest  places you can probably step into in the city of Bombay for a retail experience! Think bright coloured walls, quirky display of art and a beautiful happy mess complete with cute stationary, adorable knick-knacks, home decor and yes, apparel!

Collection One is everything that has defined Chumbak so far albeit with a twist. Taking inspiration from food, travel, space, pixel art and more – Collection One by Chumbak brings the best of design to fashion. If you love color and prints, brace yourselves for numerous options ranging from sweatshirts to leggings and skirts to jackets. Though you might think this ain’t for the faint hearted, you’d be surprised to see how the brand manages to integrate fun in the most subtle fashion with some of the pieces from this line. The skater dresses (like that one I am wearing in this post!) and the quirky printed rad leggings are definitely my favourite (trust me it’s difficult to get yourself to say this!) from the range. Also, if you are dropping by at the store don’t forget to check the men’s collection as that’s again something you don’t see any other brand doing the same way around.

And finally getting on to this post in collaboration with Chumbak and the fabulous guys at POPxo, I tried to capture 3 different moods and create a look around some of the pieces from Collection One. Also, don’t miss my new hair color just in time for winter!! Posted a video on my Instagram account so you might want to see just how fabulous this shade is :)

Yellow Skater Dress, Printed Maxi Skirt, Nom Nom Sweater – Chumbak 

Photography – Anish Nair

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  1. Aditi at 5:43 pm

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