Looking Back


They say that “looking back isn’t going to help you, moving forward is the thing you have to do”. But I’ve always thought otherwise. How can one not look back and trace to the beginning of days to see how much has changed and how much still remains the same, to sit back and analyse what went wrong and why and be filled with a sense of gratitude for all that went exactly like you had planned and work for. Looking back at the months gone by at the end of every year has been one of my favourite things about the advent of new years. There’s little joy that can compare to looking back to realise that 365 days later you are closer to who you set out to be a year before and there’s no greater motivation than learning from the setbacks and failures that were assigned to your share in the time gone by.

2015 has been a rather memorable year for me for reasons more than one. Giving my decade old dream #SHFsalon a tangible form and an address definitely tops all lists of highs in my first life quarter – a consciously worked for goal. However what followed right after – right from getting daily bookings on instagram and snapchat (I kid you not!) to meeting some of the most wonderful followers right from Delhi, Pune, Bangalore, Gujarat and even Mauritius making their way to the city – sometimes especially a haircut/color by me and at times by working around their entire travel time around the appointment was something I least expected. And I feel nothing but a deep sense of indebtedness for this and more. (Cannot wait for 2016 to kick in so that I can set out and execute the other plans I have for #SHFsalon!)

The blog also turned 5 this 2015 (these pictures were shot especially to celebrate the same) and this year saw some really big collaborations and associations for StreakHueFall. On the personal front, I feel nothing but happy about overcoming some of my binding weaknesses. There were of course a bunch of things that didn’t go like they should have or rather could have and a number of lessons that I learned the hard way. However, 2016 looks so promising and I cannot wait to own it already!  It’s going to be long winded adventurous and challenging year and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Thank you for being a part of my journey and wish you all a very happy and exciting year ahead :)



Photography – Nikita Mhatre

Location Courtesy – Smokehouse Deli





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