It’s that time of the year when the creatively inclined art aficionados flock to the streets of Kala Ghoda to witness the annual mega art affair – Kala Ghoda Art Festival (KGAF) which is but a beautiful amalgamation of colors, visual expressions and a laboriously striven for handiwork by artists from all over the country, This makes KGAF a pure delight for anyone residing in Bombay – a city that lacks its fair share of art through the other time of the year.

It was thus no surprise that I again found my way to the art festival this year like all the previous years. What instantly caught my eye this time around however was the stunning representation of thoughts and ideas turned into captivating installations by SPACES Home and Beyond. I am a firm believer that art transcends all mediums and be it fashion or literature, there’s a binding factor running through all these creative form of expressions. These thoughts were reaffirmed when I saw how SPACES reinvented their idea of ‘The Fabric of Life’ wherein the objective was to remind people of the very strong textile material culture we all are surrounded with and how we tend to overlook it often.

As I walked around exploring the art festival, the beauty of each installation and the very thought and idea at the core of its germination had me stunned. A Creative Sanctuary which was a display of multiple cocoons made out of different hues of bright weaves in spectacular prints from SPACES that are suspended off giant tree barks. The metaphorical play of cocoons served as a gentle reminder that we all live in our self made cocoons and it’s this space that is our sanctuary.

While the Textile Mural served as the perfect backdrop for pictures, the Pixel Dialouges corner was a clear favourite with a long queue waiting to paste their messages to contribute and be a part of the community art project. If you follow me on snapchat, you must have already seen how I left some StreakHueFall love in between all those heartfelt messages there.

The Tree Arch Installation was nothing short of a spectacular recreation of beautiful trees with birds perched on branches and blooming flowers. This entire installation is handcrafted entirely out of beautiful SPACES fabrics! Besides this, there were also SPACES carpets put up all over KGAF featuring some of India’s most prominent personalities. A heady dose of Mumbai flavour with the cutting chai installation, some pertinent questions peppered in the form of art and of course the best out of waste section which had some compelling art created entirely out of waste.

In all, I had a fabulous time at KGAF this year and totally recommend you visiting it (even if that means a trip to town only for this!). The festival dates are 6th to the 14th February and definitely cannot be missed!

Shirt – Lee

Skirt – Forever 21

Belt/Sling – Fbb

Photography – Anish Nair 

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