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Sometimes I wonder how time flies by, defining and redefining our interpretation and attached connotation of ideas and perceptions. As you grow older most things that held importance to your younger self are the ones you eventually outgrow or look back to find but naive and innocent. Valentine’s Day is one such occasion that one tends to look at differently through every passing year. So while the younger teenage years would mean mandatory trips to Hallmark and working overtime to make that day a little extra special, I now look at this day a lot more differently.
While on the personal front I might not be big on dedicating just one day to the idea of celebrating love, I don’t seem to find a thing wrong with having this day as just another excuse to indulge your loved ones and ensure you spend a little more time, despite the hectic schedules that adulthood brings along, to create some new memories. I’ve realised over time that it’s the small things that you do that eventually make a big difference, hugely impacting the ones you love. So if you are someone who lives in pyjamas and messy top knots, it wouldn’t hurt to surprise your significant someone by putting in some effort to turn out dressed differently on that one day!
I put together this look from Fashion at Big Bazaar (fbb) for a cafe date as in the midst of the crazy schedule that I lead, I think I often forget the underestimated spark that a date – spent talking, listening and just being can reignite. I wanted to keep the look simple and being true to my style, I turned to this tye-dye dress. The high low detail adds that little hint of romance without being too dressy and I clinched the dress at the waist to make it more flattering for my body type. I carried the denim shirt to thrown on and add a casual and careless flair to the otherwise pretty outfit. A tan sling (soon becoming my favourite!) and a pretty pair of earrings and I was ready to spend a few hours away. And if you like this look, watch out for another blog post where I will be creating a night time look for Valentine’s Day.
Complete outfit – fbb
Photography – Anish Nair 
Location – Loco Chino, Fort

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