As a fashion enthusiast who’s witnessed the many ways the fashion scene in our country evolved over the last few years, I have one too many reasons to rejoice. However, one major gripe that I personally have with the mega mushrooming of retail spaces, easy online access to almost all brands and the sudden and explosive digital media boom that focusses on ‘trends du jour’ ably marketed as the “it” factor that one cannot possibly afford to miss out on is the very apparent cloning of fashion. Look around and almost everyone looks like clones dressed in the best but falling prey to the ‘clones of fashion’ (if I may put it that way) category. Individuality is what marks personal style and makes you stand fashionably different from the rest and it’s my constant endeavour to add that individualistic touch to all my outfits. Thus it’s no surprise that I am constantly looking to add statement pieces and unique finds to my wardrobe that I feel will lend it that now becoming rare dash of uniqueness.

So when I got to know about Pepe Jeans’ launch of #pepejeanscusomstudio I was more than ecstatic. Imagine picking up the most basic of the denims and then having all the freedom to spruce it up in a style that best defines you! That’s just how this outfit post came together. Now in the ever changing world of fashion where no trend lasts long enough, denims have managed to hold their ground through the ages. When it comes to denims nothing quite beats the class blues and that’s why it was an instinctive reaction to turn to this earlier basic but great fitting Pepe denim jacket. I knew I had to stay true to my sense of style and translate the same onto my jacket. My inspiration for the same was ‘bohemia’. A quick search off the net and I handed over a choice of prints and designs to the Pepe team and the rest was pure magic. In a matter of minutes my jacket was laser printed with beautiful clashing prints and motifs. Add to this accents of punchy color and some rips and tear and I had this gorgeous final piece in front on me! For this look, I wanted to let the jacket do the talking and thus turned to the Pepe hot shorts (that fit like a dream!) and this cold shoulder top (also from Pepe). Don’t think I’d like to change a thing about this look because it best describes my style. And that is the beauty of personalisation!

So if you are looking to add some more of ‘you’ in your wardrobe head over to the Pepe store and customise your denims right away!

Complete Outfit – Pepe Jeans

Sunglasses – Koovs 


Shot by – Aakash Shah

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