TanishqNiloufer20TanishqNiloufer22TanishqNiloufer4TanishqNiloufer19TanishqNiloufer30TanishqNiloufer1TanishqNiloufer23TanishqNiloufer6TanishqNiloufer2TanishqNiloufer18TanishqNiloufer8When I was younger, I remember my mom would zealously look forward to purchasing gold and diamond jewellery on prosperous occasions and I would fail to understand this obsession then as clothes and other such materialistic pursuits would then seem more compelling. However as they say “All women become like their mothers”.  As I grew older I found myself leaning towards investing in jewellery for reasons more than one. And in the more recent years I (like my mom) find myself looking up the calendar to mark dates and ensure that I buy gold jewellery on certain auspicious days.

I digress. While the eventual coming home with a box of precious jewellery is always special, the whole process of trying on and eventually choosing the piece that calls out to you and feels like it’s meant to be is what I treasure more. I had a similar experience recently when I was invited by POPxo to have a look at Tanishq’s latest collection ‘Niloufer’. Niloufer is inspired by and crafted to capture and express the form and beauty of the lotus flower. With a wide variety of designs, the pieces range from whites to blush to pinks and trace the blooming of the flower from a bud to full bloom. While the chandbaalis and drop earrings are a classic, the ear cuffs and ear climbers instantly won me over for capturing the delicacy and grace while being so edgy at the same time. The fact that the jewellery pieces are modular only makes the collection more impressive.

What I loved most about Niloufer by Tanishq is how all the pieces transition so well from casual to glam and to highlight this I put together two very different looks. While the first look was an all out power denim drop top teamed with pants, I managed to only add the right amount of character to the outfit with the necklace, studs and some really statement hate phool. The second look in contrast was all about glam and a more evening do and the hand bracelets, floral ear studs and rings added the right amount of charm.

So coming back to where I began, today on the occasion of Akshaya Tritya (a holy day in the Hindu calendar, considered to be most favourable for purchasing gold) I am continuing this tradition that I have been following for the last couple of years and stepping out to add some more gold and diamond to my already expanding jewellery collection. If these pictures make you fall with Niloufer as much as me, then there’s no better day than today to drop by the nearest Tanishq store and start a new tradition that gives you a reason to celebrate.

You can download the catalogue to view all the designs here. You can also follow them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Denim co-ords – StalkBuyLove

All Jewellery – Niloufer by Tanishq

Shot by – Nikita Mhatre

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