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As a hairstylist I get a chance to speak to girls from all walks of life and with all types of hair at #SHFsalon. When asked for the best products to use for their hair, I often exclaim how it’s important to understand that no single hair product will create the same result for two different hair types and that to get the best results for your hair it’s essential to first understand what your hair needs and then choose a product that delivers just that. So when I was recently invited to the launch of Garnier’s Ultra Blends, I was immediately bowled by the fact that there were not one or two – but five variants being unveiled, each with a different benefit for your hair! Bingo!!

My tryst with Garnier goes back to my childhood days when the iconic bottle was a regular at the bathroom shelf. To see the brand bring forth a variety that has its heart in the right place (we’re talking about ingredients here!) was a complete delight. The event was truly an extension of all the inspiration the bottles were packed with. The ground floor and the rooftop at the venue were both transformed into beautiful experential zones with the five variant bottles displayed alongside the fresh ingredients they were blended with. While Soy and Almonds is your breakfast for dry and damaged hair, Royal Jelly and Lavender is for those complaining of breaking hair. Knowing the benefits of Henna, I wasn’t surprised to see it paired along with Blackberry for dull, dry and lifeless hair.

And if you thought that which ingredient could possibly be left out from the exhaustive range, 5 Precious Herbs packs in a whole bunch of natural ingredients for that healthy looking shiny hair. I was instantly however drawn to the Mythic Olive range dedicated to dry and under nourished hair – not only because of the rich green hued packaging but also because monsoon can work quite a havoc with your hair and this just sounded like the right indulgence for my hair at the moment. And knowing that the shampoo is blended with all things natural, Ultra Blends has got my vote! Have you given the range a try yet? What’s your blend?

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