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I have always believed that fashion is a powerful tool of communication and that style speaks before you do. There’s so much that you can easily tell about a person simply by the way they dress. Clashing prints or solid monochromes, buttoned collar or knotted shirt, stacked accessories or a minimal approach – everything suggests a broader story and is reflective of a bigger picture. As I’ve repeatedly mentioned on the blog before, my personal style is simply an extension of how I wake up feeling on a given day and that also implies that my personal style is rather eclectic and unpredictable.

Cut to Liva that completely changes the game of fashion with its ‘fluid fashion’ approach. It’s the emphasis on how ‘Liva moves with you’ that instantly caught my attention. Liva is a soft, fluid and natural fabric that falls and drapes like magic and becomes one with you. Imagine a fabric that drapes you, as you are – no boxy silhouettes and no exaggerations, and moves with your every step! It revolutionizes the fact that now you not only dress up to your mood but also have your garment move with you when you just as you do.

While working with images for the blog is always fun and totally within the realm of my comfort zone, exploring the medium of video to convey a story comes with a new set of challenges. Through this video, I tried to capture the different moods and moments in motion revolving around the theme ‘colour’. Taking inspiration from colors and playing on the varied emotions one often attributes to each of them independently, I tried to weave together words and fashion and tell a story. Because colors play such an integral part in the ‘dressing up to your mood’ and I’ve always had a weakness for words, this was all rather too exciting to be working on. Hope you guys like what you see. Would love to hear your feedback.

P.s – Going by how creatively satisfying this project has been, don’t be too surprised to see a lot more of such content coming your way!
You can shop for Liva here.

Location – Meuble 

Photography – Nikita Mhatre

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