Dry Shampoo 101 with Batiste

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Let’s face it! We’ve all had days when we’ve woken up to greasy and limp looking hair with absolutely no time to squeeze in a hair wash. For someone like me who has an extremely oily scalp and an indefinite love for the snooze button, these days are a little too frequent. And then the horror and extreme revulsion of going through an unbearably long day with oily and flat hair can be quite a nightmare. Trust me when I say this as I’ve experienced this quite often. Now enters dry shampoo – the game changer and the sole hero of this blog post!

There’s so much speculation and if’s and how’s about dry shampoo that I thought a ‘Dry Shampoo 101′ kind of a post only made perfect sense. More so, since this had completely revolutionised my haircare regime. So let’s get started!

What is a dry shampoo?

A dry shampoo is this miraculous product that can save you from the extreme disgrace of walking around oily scalped through a busy and long  day WITHOUT a hair wash!! Yep, that’s precisely what it is. Technically, it is a powder or spray based product that when applied can soak up the excess oil in your hair without the use of water or traditional shampoo.

Why should I use a dry shampoo?

Besides the obvious fact that you can actually go through an entire day without a hair wash by simply spraying on some dry shampoo (as if this isn’t convincing enough already!), a dry shampoo will not only soak up the excess oil but also leave your scalp and hair feeling fresh and clean. (There’s also a lot of styling hacks that you can work up using a dry shampoo even on clean hair but more on that in the coming months!!)

Which dry shampoo should I purchase?

Now Batiste has been an absolute favourite long before it officially launched in India and is actually the forerunner in this category worldwide. And now with its official launch in the country and the crazy variety of variants they have (Clean and Classic, Light and Breezy, Floral and Flirty, Sassy and Daring Wild…the list goes on!) besides the great results with every use, Batiste is a no brainer when it comes to dry shampoos.

How do I use a dry shampoo correctly?

The step by step picture diary above should easily explain the correct way to use a dry shampoo.

1) Begin by working in sections and start by partitioning your hair

2) Keeping a fair distance from your scalp, spray a fair amount of dry shampoo onto your scalp

3) Now using your fingers nicely massage the product to ensure that it absorbs all the excess oil

4) Lift a section of your hair to create another partition and repeat the previous two steps

5) Once you’ve covered all the greasy areas and massaged the product well, brush out your hair to reveal clean looking fresh hair!

So that’s pretty much everything you need to know about using a dry shampoo. I am pretty thrilled to be sharing with you that in the coming months I will be talking a lot more about this on the blog and there’s quite some innovative ways that you will be compelled to use this product after seeing those posts. For now, I love the absolute freedom that Batiste comes with for someone like me with a very hectic schedule. I simply turn to my bottle without worrying and the best part? No one can guess that you’re on your second or third day of not-washed hair!!

P.s – Batiste is sold all over India through Nirjay Impex. You can shop the range here.

Photography – Nikhil Nair

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