Chiang Mai with Cox and Kings & Thailand Tourism

This might just be the most exciting post I’ve ever filed on StreakHueFall and I am overwhelmed with myriad emotions as I sit to write this. I’ve repeated a number of times on the blog before how the one thing I seemed to have learnt is that life is all about thinking and dreaming (big), working earnestly and relentlessly for it and then watching all the dots eventually connect. For all of you who follow me on any social media platform (Facebook, Twitter or Instagram), you already know that I recently went on my first ever solo trip to Thailand in collaboration with Cox and Kings and Thailand Tourism. Now to say that this trip has been an absolute dream coming true is nothing short of the truth as it only reaffirmed my belief that ’thoughts become things’ at so many levels.


Going on a solo trip has been on my bucket list for the last few years and I have this strange unexplained affinity for Thailand – a country that has always taken me by surprise and to top it all I’d be lying if I told you I didn’t see the blog taking me places (haha see what I did here?!). So when I got a mail asking me to take on a solo trip to Thailand in association with the blog….BAM!! All the dots connected just like that.

As I packed my bags for this trip, I knew it was the beginning of something that I’d treasure always and I knew this trip was going to be special. Being my FIRST SOLO TRIP to a city I had never been to before in another country all together was both exciting and unnerving at the same time and I have so much to share about my trip and my time there. So I will be taking you along with me through my days in Chiang Mai through a series of two posts.


I had my first flight from Bombay to Bangkok with a layover of an hour before taking my connecting flight to Chiang Mai. Now I’ve been to the Suvarnabhumi airport a number of times before but there was something special about this layover as I found myself alone in the waiting area to witness the sunlight streaming in straight to light up the rows of blue chairs that early morning. It felt great to be on my own taking on this journey where I alone was responsible for every path chosen and road taken in this foreign country and I couldn’t wait to land in Chiang Mai already!

It was all about comfort for my airport look and I chose this oversized Zara shirt and Koovs ripped leggings with my favourite  boots from H&M.




The very morning I reached Chiang Mai, I checked into my hotel ” which was located right next to a sprawling super market that made it super easy for me to stock on some munchies for the road trip ahead. The day started on a super exciting note as I set out to visit all the historic temples and monuments in Chiang Mai. I was awestruck by the beauty of the magnificent structures that were all swathed in gold and shone in the brilliance of the afternoon sun.

I visited Wat Chedi Luang, Wat Chiang Mun and Wat Phra Singha. It was beautiful walking through these monuments and temples to watch the monks immerse themselves in painting, reading and scriptures as the towering Buddha statues stood testimony to the times gone by. It felt beautiful to be in Chiang Mai and this was only the start.


For my first day at Chiang Mai I wore this cute dress from Arabellaa and layered it with my favourite AND jacket.




I then proceeded to Bo Sang – the renowned umbrella and parsols making factory where I saw the complete process of artisans making these umbrellas from scratch and then hand-painting it all! I highly recommend visiting this place when you’re in Chiang Mai as it’s an absolute experience.
































































The day market in Chiang Mai is complete with fresh local produce of fruits, vegetables and delicacies. The Thai specialty of sticky rice and mango is an absolute win as these mangoes are incredibly sweet and make for the perfect indulgence!IMG_7060


I also got a chance to watch the locals perform traditional Thai dance forms as well as caught a band sing to the tunes of English classics. The night market at Chiang Mai is a shopper’s delight as there’s everything from clothes to jewellery and home decor to souvenirs in the winding lanes of the city!








And this is how my two days at Chiang Mai with Cox and Kings and Thailand Tourism looked like! Hope you enjoyed this photo diary. Stay tuned for the next blog post coming up soon!!

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