Decoding Diwali Hair

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Firstly, wish you all a very happy Diwali and a prosperous new year! It’s the beginning of my favourite time of the year and what I particularly love about this season is the kind of content that I get to work around this time for the blog. So keeping up with the festive spirit, I decided to decode a hair style that perfect for Diwali and super easy to create. 

– I used the Batiste Dry Shampoo in Blush to first prep my hair and get rid of the oiliness and grime. I love how in an instant this dry shampoo leaves my hair feeling so fresh and not to mention smelling so good!! All you need to do is just spray and massage the product well for a couple of seconds. In case you missed it, here’s the link to everything you need to know about using a dry shampoo!

– I have been using the Batiste Stylist XXL Volume before starting out on almost any hairstyle and this product works some serious wonders to create that volume and texture that’s almost impossible with my straight hair otherwise! Simply spray the product in sections on the crown to create some volume and lift. You can also backcomb a few sections for that extra texture. I was working towards a braid and a bun and didn’t need that extra volume for this look. However, before a blow dry using this product gives me the most fabulous lift and volume!

– I then separated my hair into two parts and worked the classic fishtail braid. Don’t worry too much about it being messy as that totally works when it comes to this look. Once you secure the braid with an elastic, begin to slightly open up the braids working on small sections. This small trick goes a long way to create that fuller looking fishtail braid!

– You can totally rock the braid as is or go that extra mile for a more fancy and elaborate do by simply wrapping the braid over to create a bun! It’s amazing how complicated the final look looks but actually how easy it is to create this!! Since the Batiste Dry Shampoo gets rid of all slick and oil and the Batiste Stylist XXL Volume helps to create that extra volume and texture for your hair, this hairstyle pretty much stays this way all day/night long!

Hope you guys liked this tutorial and will give it a try! Don’t forget to tag me when you do. Have a splendid Diwali!

P.s – Batiste is sold all over India through Nirjay Impex. You can shop the range here.

Photography – Akash Shah

Until the next post!

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