Chiang Mai Diary with Cox and Kings – Part Deux

IMG_7095Here’s the second part of the much awaited travel diary to Chiang Mai with Cox and Kings! If you missed reading out the first post, it would be a good idea to start from there. While the first post was all about art, culture, monuments and food at Chiang Mai, this post is everything that Chiang Mai has to offer – right from the expansive greens to the scenic blooms!


The Royal Project at Chiang Mai was an absolute delight! Manicured gardens and painstakingly cared for blooms coupled with water bodies made for a perfect escape.


Visiting the paddy fields at Chiang Mai wasn’t really a part of my itinerary but having come across a mention in an in-flight magazine I had to make sure I visited one of them and boy I am so glad that I did!

Chiang Mai 21

The King and Queen’s Chedi are twin structures constructed to honour the then King and Queen of Thailand. The views from the top are but breathtaking!


Another absolute delight was the much spoken about San Kamphaeng Hot Springs!

Chiang Mai 2

It was all about spending some time all by myself at the Hot Springs – dipping my feet in the relaxing hot water, watching the tourists picnic under the brilliance of sunshine and yes – watching everyone dip in baskets of raw eggs in the springs for a couple of minutes to relish perfectly cooked eggs with some soy sauce!


The gardens at the Twin Chedis is a marvellous work of wonder and makes for the most perfect backdrop for pictures.

Chiang Mai 2-002

While the hot springs in themselves are a pure delight, for a true blue Bombay girl like me the vast greens and trees set against the cerulean skies made me never want to leave.


Absolutely every corner at The Royal Project called out for a picture and you totally cannot blame me for giving in!

Chiang Mai 2-003

One of the most breathtaking sights through my entire trip at Chiang Mai definitely had to be witnessing the magnificent waterfalls!


Postcard perfect frames all around are every blogger’s absolute indulgence!

Chiang Mai 2-001

Walking up to the highest spot in Thailand and witnessing the breathtaking weather and misty greens was in itself no less than a dream when a rainbow decided to make it all the more special!


Not being in a hurry to get anywhere and living in the present was something I practised and began to enjoy and relish during this trip.


The first glimpse and soaking it all in. I want to go back just for this.


It was bittersweet knowing this trip is coming to an end…


…but I knew I’d embraced every moment.


Traveling alone brings with it its own thrill and teaches you more than you can ever learn otherwise. A solo trip in a foreign country can change how you perceive the most banal of things, Right from being alone from the word go to being surrounded by people from across the globe in an alien land, being exposed to a new culture and language while being the only person responsible for every road taken – this trip definitely turned out to be everything I had in my bucket list. Being my first solo trip ever, this trip to Chiang Mai was extra special and I am grateful to Cox and Kings for giving me the chance to experience it all in the best possible way!

Hope you guys enjoyed the picture diary and the two post series as I had a lot of fun working on this.



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