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Heart shaped chocolates, red boxes adorned with oversized ribbons, a bouquet of red roses neatly strung together and well, the list goes on and on. Valentine’s Day has earned itself a dubious distinction of being associated with the much hyped annual celebration of love. And while this day is nothing less than a gala affair of obvious display of affection for the significant someone in your life, one can’t help but stop and think how this day perhaps glorifies an old-fashioned idea of love with an extra dose of saccharine.

While I find absolutely nothing wrong in taking some extra effort to make the ones you love feel a little extra special, what definitely irks me is the hoopla and pity driven articles around the ones who are ‘single’ on this day. This eventually makes me question why anyone (especially a woman who is independent, successful and someone of worth) would ever need the materialistic validation of gifts and cards by a man on this earmarked day to feel like a million bucks! A woman content with her life, making the most of challenges that come hurling her way often feels an innate sense of pride and calm that remains unperturbed even in the face of the much loathed ‘singledom’.

Thus, it only made sense to work around a blog post for Valentine’s Day with a brand that upheld a similar sentiment. AlexTwenteen is a newly launched fashion label that caters to the independent women who is bold and unafraid to make a statement. Their collection celebrates this sprit with silhouettes and cuts that are well structured and fit you to make you feel bold and powerful. Right from dresses to playsuits and tops to shirts – the collection focuses on taking work wear from day to night effortlessly. The brand’s philosophy extends to delivering great quality and finish with every tailored piece. So if you are someone who appreciates apparel that well fit your work and play while bridging the gap between the two, make sure to check AlexTwenteen. And if you do like something on the site, now would be a good time to buy as they have a special Valentine’s Day offer going on today and tomorrow and you don’t always need someone to be made to feel pampered!

Dress – AlexTwenteen

Photography – Nikita Mhatre

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