A Sneak-Peek Into My Room

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Being a freelancer and your own boss has its perks. You choose your workspace – be it a couch, any favourite heavily rugged floor corner or even your bed! Also as an independent freelancer who has no fixed schedule, it’s imperative to constantly be surrounded by all things inspirational and to be in your ‘happy-space’ at all times.

I spend almost all my time either at #SHFsalon or in my room working on new content for StreakHueFall. I thus went that extra mile to make sure that both these places define everything that I truly believe in andwant to be surrounded by. The fact that I am obsessed with interiors and home decor for years now only made this task a joy ride that I thoroughly enjoy!

I am a sucker for details and a hoarder of memories. It’s these two elements that drove the entire decor for my room. I wanted to go for a complete white/beige/gold palette with pops of color to keep things fresh. Also, being a blogger I often shoot tons of images and videos right in my room so that whole idea was to keep it breezy yet reflective of my personality.

Shortlisting a few elements most dear to me, I set out to redo my room from scratch. Books have always been an integral part of my upbringing and they literally add the sane to my sanity on some whirlwind of days. The bookshelf holds some of my favourites and I made sure to add a personal element even here with small details like this polaroid camera and a pinned picture on an easel stand. A bunch of candles that I light up on some evenings add that extra magic to this space.

I’ve always struggled with the storage of my clothes and shoes and this time I went all out to ensure that things are stored the right way because it totes sucks to have tons of clothes and shoes but not be able to find what you need at the right time. The ceiling to floor shoe closet is straight #goals and has completely changed my getting ready game. Everything now is so easily accessible and organised that I end up using shoes that I would earlier not remember having!

Cushions add so much character to a room and are more than just an accessory. I picked up a bunch that serve the right amount of motivation, glam and comfy! Another twist to decor was the addition of trunks that actually store all my jewellery in possibly the quirkiest way!! These coloured trunks add the right amount of vintage pop vibes and everyone who walks in instantly falls in love with them.

One of my favourite corners in the room is the pin up SHF board that is completely DIY!! I knew exactly what I wanted and could find nothing similar online or at any store. So with the help of my dad and a raid at the local hardware store, we made this board – the drilling, sawing, spray painting from scratch and I couldn’t have it any other way. Printed photographs are possibly my weakness and I thus shortlisted some of my favourite memories and color corrected them all to narrate a story and eventually pinned them together with some wooden clips. Of course, details matter! I added a bunch of flowers to the frame for that extra touch.

The vanity corner is another one of my favourites and I loved working on the aesthetic arrangement and display of all my makeup products. Small details like a wooden tray to hold some of my daily essentials, shot glasses to hold the pencils add that extra touch of glam. The final impact of this corner is again unmatchable.

In the end I threw some rugs and doormats with quotes on and absolutely love how the room has turned out. What do you think?!

All cushion covers except the faux fur ones – Stylish Homes

Trunks – Crawford Market

Door Mats – Stylish Homes

Makeup Racks – Amazon

LightBox – MangoPeople

SHF letter boards – Typo (Singapore) 

Lipstick Holders – Ikea (Kuwait) Similar available on Amazon

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