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My love for interiors, spaces and home decor is no secret and if you’ve been following me on Instagram for long, you know I love switching things up once every few weeks. I am constantly in the pursuit of seeking inspiration on Pinterest (I must admit that I am guilty of having wayyy more interiors and home decor inspiration boards than fashion and beauty pins!) and I love recreating those ideas with my own twist and creating new moods for my room ever so often. Thus when I got a chance to collaborate with Tangerine for the launch of their new collection Master Strokes, I was more than excited!

Master Strokes finds its inspiration in designer art. While art on walls is great, art right on your bed is plain fabulous! I picked out this range of bedsheets which had me at the word go with its brilliant brush strokes and the overdose of color which I wanted to challenge myself to style since the previous room decor was all about muted neutrals. The end result? I redid my complete room inspired simply by the bedsheet and extended the theme to all corners of my room to create a warm and cozy art studio. I brought out my easel stand and painted a little something to go with the Master Strokes art. I also ditched my old curtains for the Tangerine striped variety and I love how it binds the complete look so effortlessly. A few more elements like my cane wicker basket, flowers, and polaroid to capture inspiration on the go and I had a complete room makeover in a few hours!!

What I especially love about the Tangerine Master Strokes range is how there is such a wide variety of designs to choose from – each as inspirational as the other. The quality, of course, is simply indulgent with plush cotton and modal (a natural fiber made from wood pulp!). As a brand, it only helps that Tangerine has a whole set of curtains and upholstery to match for a whole new look and feel. I would highly recommend checking out their new collection if you too are looking to redo your room this festive season. Also, would love to know your thoughts on how you liked the makeover I worked for my room!! You can follow Tangerine on Facebook and Instagram for more.







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