Slate Wiped Clean


It’s a brand new year. A new year always brings with it so many possibilities – like a slate wiped clean waiting to be scribbled on. What do you think you’d do with it? Would you doodle? Would you leave a quote or two behind? Which colored chalk do you think you’d you use after much deliberation (or even none!)? Would you let the chalk lines off the grid just be or would you reach out to a duster and correct it all??

I’ve always been an over obsessive thinker, planner and do-er. I almost always begin every year with a goal in mind and then there’s little that can dissuade me on my pursuit. However, the last year was an exception. I’d long decided before 2017 started that I wanted the year to ‘happen to me’ and ‘not to make it happen’. And that was quite unlike the usual me but then I guess it was for a reason (like most things are!) because 2017 came to me with a big learning curve that was long in waiting. I learned a few things or more the hard way. Lessons that I’d never have learnt if not for the willingness to, lessons that have made me stronger and perhaps more capable today. However with the downs, 2017 also came to me with some of my most special and cherished memories. I traveled to some of the most spectacular places and I got engaged after more than a decade long relationship to the love of my life and a few things can match to that unparalleled joy. 2017 also gave me a lot of much needed time to retrospect…to ask some tough questions that needed to find their answers, to step back and look at it all from different perspective, to be open to change and say yes to the unexplored and most importantly to find myself again.

As I run through all that 2017 was for me while I wipe my slate clean, I find myself wondering how I’d never have been able to set the wildly ambitious goals I have for 2018 if not for all that the last 12 months have taught me. For instance, I’d forgotten what it feels like to type my heart out like this while filing a blog post and since this blog has always been something that stems from my heart, I avoided filing posts when I felt like I wasn’t being true to myself. But now that I have found my voice again, I intend to do so much more of this in the coming year. Besides, I have been toying with the idea of my own YouTube channel for such a long time now and I cannot believe that it’s going to be live in a week’s time (another resolution for the year!). All these professional goals aside, there’s also some major personal life altering decisions that I intend to take this year which I know I’ve long procrastinated.

To be honest, I don’t remember the last time I was this scared, excited and determined at the same time. I feel like the old me again as I know exactly what awaits me this 2018 with a solid game plan – the typical me that I’d momentarily lost somehwere.

More importantly, I know how I want to feel when I wipe the slate clean again the same time next year. What about you?

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