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If you follow me on Instgram (well you are totes missing out on a lot if you don’t already!), you know I was present at the launch of Himalaya’s latest product – the Himalaya Fresh Start range of face washes yesterday. And going by the stories you kinda must have already gauged how it was an afternoon complete with all things fun!

If you like me have been a loyal Himalaya Neem Face Wash user you know how the product has been an absolute boon to anyone with oily skin (ahem, me!). And as someone who has constantly struggled with oily skin and the resulting acne, I was beyond excited to see one of the most trusted brands out there adding not one or two but four new products to its range dedicated to the woes of everyone out there with oily skin! So the new range of Himalaya Fresh Start Oil Clear Face Wash is all about ‘Stay Oil-Clear Stay Fresh’ and this just becomes a lot more fun when it comes in flavors ranging from strawberry to peach and lemon to blueberry.

While I definitely have a lot to say about the ingredients and the what and how, I think it’s only fair to take a moment to stop and talk about the packaging. A clear departure from the trademark Himalaya packaging, the Stay Fresh range is fun, quirky and and absolutely striking. I love myself well packaged bath and skincare products and this one definitely caught my attention with its quirky design and color ethos. Just what you need for that instant pick me up!

Now moving on to the range, the Fresh Start Oil Clear Face Wash is specially formulated with a unique blend of natural fruits with its USP being the addition of natural beads. Now this means that every time you wash your face, you get the benefits of a face wash + scrub in one go. And for any low maintenance girl out there, this is a win-win situation. Also, as it is with any Himalaya product,  this range of face wash is complete with all things natural and the result is soft and healthy skin sans any oil residue in under a couple of minutes!

I couldn’t wait to try the range so I obviously got myself to use them before filing this blog post and it’s safe to say that I loved the product! All the variants smell absolutely fresh and do the job to the T. Also, when you find that one product that works for you, it’s only fun to switch things up with different variants once in a while to break the monotony. So I love that within the same range you have so many options to choose from here. If you are an oily skinned girl or just like yourself a good face wash that not only looks and smells good but also does the job it claims to do – you must give this range a try.

If you are unsure on which variant you’d like to try this should help you out –

Strawberry: Known to possess skin-conditioning properties, Strawberry helps enhance the appearance of facial skin and restore suppleness. Click here to buy.

Blueberry: The fruit contains a rich store of nutrients and antioxidants that exhibit skin-conditioning properties. Click here to buy.

Lemon: Widely used in cosmetics for its great skin-conditioning properties, Lemon has refreshing and astringent properties which help reduce excess facial oil. Click here to buy.

Peach: Containing skin-conditioning properties, Peach enhances the appearance of the skin and restores skin softness and suppleness. Click here to buy.

What do you think you’d like to try first? I loved using the strawberry and bluberry variants!!

Photography – Nikita Mhatre

Art & Layout – Kavya D’souza

(Top – Vintage, Pants – Romwe, Earrings – Forever 21)

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