Share The Load


Setting up a new home from scratch can be quite an experience! It is equal parts of both fun and chaos. From picking out the right upholstery to deciding on the decor and from whipping up a meal to doing the laundry – it’s an unending to-do list that changes with every week. Now imagine all of this in a brand new country with no known social circle and add to this two newly married working professionals!!

If you have a vague idea of how the freelancer world is, you’d know that the schedules are erratic and there’s no concept of a weekend. You get accustomed to working round the clock and while you may secretly envy the perfectly timed lives of the ones with a corporate job (like Anish!), you know deep down you really revel in this madness and chaos that you are deeply passionate about. So while shifting countries and setting home with none of your family and friends around was every bit of a daunting challenge that, I won’t lie, scared me every bit of me, I was also equally worried about being able to well balance my personal and professional life given the nature of my work.

It was hard to imagine how someone with no fixed working hours could manage to squeeze in time to cook 3 meals daily, do the dusting and cleaning, keep the house in good shape, figure time for laundry and then some more! However, a couple of weeks down and I can tell you that the real joy of it all is in doing everything together!!


Since it’s always been about sharing both our highs and lows and being there for each other not only when it comes to personal milestones but also as equals on the professional front, we together figured that things weren’t really too different when it came to us and our home. We sat through the list of household chores and simply divided the tasks between us. So while I do the cooking, Anish helps with the supermarket runs and while he does the laundry, I take care of folding back all the clothes and keeping them in place. There’s tasks that he enjoys and some that I do and then there are errands that we both loathe which are again volunteered for by either of us.



So when a brand like Ariel, (which by the way was in our shopping cart when we did our first supermarket run long before this campaign kickstarted!), raised the topic of sharing the load with men helping the women with this film the conversation just hit home!!  Both Anish and I grew up watching our parents #ShareTheLoad and thus it wasn’t surprising that we naturally took up to this when we got married. Stirring up awareness like this is such a great initiative, one that I truly endorse. More homes need to adapt to this if not already as gender equality at home can drastically change the dynamics. I say this not only on personal but also the professional front – giving a newly married couple, or even siblings while growing up equal opportunities to excel at life without having to make any compromises.


So the way things have been unfolding so far, we #ShareTheLoad and make sure that every errand and task on our to-do list is ticked off as a team. I can personally vouch how not only does this make the most boring and banal of jobs more fun but also makes a house a little more of a home. A process that I am thoroughly enjoying right now!

You can check more on the Ariel #ShareTheLoad campaign here and join in the conversation.


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