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In a world obsessed with counting calories and clocking active steps in a day, it’s so easy to succumb to measuring progress (and invariably success) with numbers. Being a compulsive planner and do-er, I sometimes find myself trapped in my own wispy web of dates, targets and deadlines – treading slowly so as to not undo the sheer magnificence of the warp and weft of the web. And as exhilarating as it is to smash the goals straight out month after month when in a state of flow, the ebb can then be equally dissuading. 

It’s almost second nature to co-relate success with an accomplishment. But what we often forget is to account for the time spent laying the groundwork and building a foundation – and that is often immeasurable (like most of the best things in life!). We fail to factor in that efforts that don’t bear immediate results are only blocks of progress, but in the disguise of stagnation.  

So every time a fortnight goes by when I feel like I have conquered feats that do not fit a worthy definition of success, I have to remind myself that progress is often intangible and not everything is measurable. Or maybe it’s just that I have never been adept at math that the number game eludes me so gracefully. 

I guess the only way to know is to stick to the immeasurable daily acts that eventually and undeniably will sum up to a quantifiable deed. And then I will tell myself, “Look, I told you so!”. 

– Kavya D’Souza

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