Words and fashion; both exist for a reason, inexplicable. I persevere to string the two together.

I’ve always been in love with the very transient nature of both words and fashion. StreakHueFall is a fashion, beauty and personal style blog founded in Oct 2010 as a platform to fuse this passion and continually reinvent the two mediums to express life around me as I go forth and explore.

Personal style, beauty and makeup hauls, travel exploits, styling projects and at times simply thoughts and musings – StreakHueFall is an online diary that I aspire for and enjoy maintaining. Armed with a degree in English Literature, I need no excuse to weave in poetry inspired by the mood of accompanying photographs in a blog post. However more often than not I write to simply let go of the burden of strangling words waiting to ink paper.

Since its inception, with a simple aim of indulging in various creative pursuits with zero limitations or boundaries, the blog has enjoyed immense popularity with a loyal readership and an ever growing organic fan base. Over the last few years StreakHueFall has found a mention and has been featured in some of the top Indian publications and online portals. StreakHueFall has also collaborated with some of the biggest brands in the country in this short span of time and is always on the lookout to connect with like-minded individuals, brands, artists, dreamers and the do-ers to create work that is characteristic of a distinct aesthetic.

When I am not people-reading, seeking visual inspiration or mentally penning poetry, I find the time to work as a freelance fashion stylist for magazine editorials, publications and brand campaigns. I also freelance as a fashion/beauty writer and a fashion consultant.

A constant reminder that undying perseverance, honest dedication and the courage to follow dreams has seldom let anyone down, StreakHueFall is my labour of love backed by undying passion.